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We accept a number of insurance plans to make getting your eye care more affordable. We always try to confirm your benefits before your visit so make sure to confirm your information while scheduling your appointment! We will call you if we notice any unexpected insurance-related concerns. Possible surprises include: needing referrals, an out-of-network provider, or even not being eligible for your benefits. 

Vision Insurances We Accept

VSP (Vision Service Plan) (Metlife)
(Some) Cigna Vision 

Vision Insurance We Do Not Accept

UHC Vision/Spectera
Aetna Vision/Eyemed
BCBS Vision/Davis Vision/Clearview Vision/Blue Vision

Medical Networks We Are In-Network With

Aetna (Only Dr. Dawn R Gill O.D.)
All Savers Insurance
Allegiance Benefit Plan Management
American Medical Security
Carefirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield 
Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP (Federal Employee Program)
Colonial Penn Life Insurance
Mutual of Omaha
Plumbers and Pipefitters
United Health Care

Medical Networks We Are Out-Of-Network With 

Medicaid/Medical Assistance
Keiser Permanente
Johns Hopkins

Important Disclaimer

Many medical insurance plans outsource their vision coverage to a third-party vendor. Even though they may sometimes share the name of your medical plan, the particular vision vendor may be something we do not participate with. Common examples of these are United Healthcare Vision, Aetna Vision, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Blue Vision, and Clearview Vision.

We can ONLY bill you medical insurance if they offer routine vision benefits under the medical policy. Otherwise, you will be obligated to pay out-of-pocket. 

We will be happy to provide you with an itemized receipt and/or fill out insurance forms so that you may submit an out-of-network claim for reimbursement of your out-of-pocket costs. To avoid the paperwork make sure you're familiar with your specific insurance's requirements and benefits before your visit!

If we do not take your vision plan, or your medical plan does not cover routine eye exams, there is a medical part of the exam that, sometimes, we can bill to medical policies. There will still be a vision portion, called the Refraction, that you will be responsible for, however. We will discuss this with you prior to your exam to determine the best course of action. Please remember that our relationship with you, not your insurance company. We make our best attempt to help you receive full insurance benefits, but you are personally responsible for your account.

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