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Medical Testing

Visual Field Test


A Visual Field Test is just a more comprehensive screening of your full horizontal and vertical vision than what is done prior to your yearly exam. It helps determine the potential of blind spots (scotomas), which could indicate eye diseases.


Using a formal visual field testing machine, the patient will be asked to press a button, similar to the screening, when a flash of light is seen. Each eye is tested individually and usually takes around 3–4 minutes to complete.

Fundus Photos


Fundus Cameras can take up-close images of your optic nerve. They are used to diagnose a disease, monitor the progression of a disease or in screening programs, where photos can be analyzed later.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan


An OCT scan is a noninvasive technique for retinal imaging. Similar to a sonogram, using optical coherence tomography, we can accurately measure eye length and other components of the retina, giving a clear assessment of eye damage, such as retinal separation and macular degeneration.

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Our office is equipped to handle comprehensive medical testing, in addition to routine eye screenings. Some of these tests include:

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